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Hello, I am Nwora Fairley, Creative Director and Partner of The Lab Design Group.

Nwora Fairley's Bio:

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Nwora Fairley's Experience:

  • Digital Marketing Consultant at QReative Lab Marketing

    QReative Lab Marketing utilize a variety of digital marketing tools along with one of the hottest social media tools to drive traffic to your product or business, SMS TEXT MESSAGING!!!

  • Creative Director at The Lab Design Group, LLC

    Analyze the quality of artwork produced so that The Lab Design Group's reputation of developing high quality workmanship remains intact. Researched new techniques and products.

  • Partner at The Lab Design Group, LLC

    Develop, create and freelance layouts, logos, posters and illustrations for commercial businesses and organizations *Set up trade shows, exhibits and vendor booths at major organizational conventions *Structure marketing material for political and commercial campaigns *Design web pages

  • Sales Manager at Mark Dodge

    Manage Stores website *Design ads for website as well as E-mail advertisement *Assist consumers on purchasing new and used vehicles *Providing customer support

  • LLC Manager/Bookkeeper at YO" Face Productions

    Manager of operations which consist of, keep track of all financial transactions, bookkeeping, organizing yearly events, and managing a small staff *Designed promotional flyers, brochures, event invites, and produced commercials for radio and television

  • Salesman at Sears Commission

    Main focus is on the selling of electronic consumer products ranging from batteries to projection televisions *Designed endcap promotionals, and trained new employees

  • Games Dealer at Players Island Casino

    Dealt a number of casino games *Focused mainly on customer satisfaction, fun, and participation

  • Coordinator at McNeese State University

    Arranged University track meets *Developed contact list, and arranged details of school participation in meets

  • Intern at McNeese State University

    Designed logos and illustrations for the University art department *Set up exhibits and trade shows

Nwora Fairley's Education:

  • McNeese State University

  • McNeese State University

    Concentration: Fine Arts; Graphic Design -
  • Aldine High School

    High School Diploma
    Concentration: Art

Nwora Fairley's Interests & Activities:

DJ, Music, Coaching, Sports, Movies, Learning

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